Introducing the CivSoc International Tour

Every year students from the department have the opportunity to travel to new and exciting locations around Europe with the CivSoc International Tour! This annual tour is a long standing tradition and has been going on for over a decade. The tour takes place at the beginning of the Easter holiday, usually lasting for around 5 days and is kindly supported by generous industry partners.

The trip is entirely student-organised and the destination is voted upon by all. First, three destinations are chosen by the committee and then it is put to vote and the whole department chooses which destination they would most like. From this point, a date goes out for which sign up will go live and on this day, at the chosen time, an email goes out to all students who will be allocated a place on tour on a first come first serve basis by replying to the email. Tour is highly valued in the department and all tour places are normally gone in the first few minutes!! 

During the tour, some of the key activities that take place are:

  • Tour of a University in visiting country
  • Lectures from Professors on a topical project in the visiting country
  • Site visits
  • Cultural visits i.e. city walking tours, visit to parliament buildings, museum trips
  • Social activities such as group meals

The CivSoc Tour is a fantastic opportunity for students to experience engineering in other countries across Europe and allows the society to build links with European Universities and widen the student community. A key highlight of going on the trip is a chance to connect with students from other years and form a close bonded department.

Whilst the key aim of the trip is an educational one, CivSoc believe that exposure to the culture, history and architecture of other cities in Europe is a highly valuable part of the experience and one of the things that makes the tour so unique and not to be missed! 

Take a look at some of the previous tour destinations on our interactive map below!

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Previous Tour Desinations



  • 29 March 2015 — 2 April 2015

With the generous support of the Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest, CivSoc were able to experience a taste of Civil Engineering in Romania. Thank you to our supporters: the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Imperial College Union, BP, CCC, Vinci, and CGCA.



  • 30 March 2014 — 3 April 2014


  • 30 March 2013 — 3 April 2013


  • 30 March 2012 — 3 April 2012


  • 30 March 2011 — 3 April 2012


  • 30 March 2010 — 3 April 2010


  • 30 March 2009 — 3 April 2009


  • 30 March 2008 — 3 April 2008


  • 30 March 2007 — 3 April 2007


  • 30 March 2006 — 3 April 2006

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