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Not sure what each role entails? Short descriptions below!


As Chair, your main role is to manage your committee. You have to make sure that everyone on the committee understands and enjoys their position and fulfills their role without it having a negative impact on their grades. You’re the only one on the committee with the full big picture, so you must orchestrate everything CivSoc does: ensure rooms are book, events don’t clash with deadlines, are well advertised for, within budget, pizza is ordered etc. 

Being Chair, you represent CivSoc but also the students to some extent. This means that you sit on several boards, committees and meetings allowing you to be heard and make an impact within the Department and the College. 

Expect a few hours of work weekly in addition to participating to most events and meetings. 

Yes the job is quite time consuming. But it also is hugely rewarding if you love CivSoc, the work we do and the events we run!!  

Contact Will:


Hey everyone! Thanks for taking an interest in running for a position within CivSoc. I’ve had such an amazing time organising all the events this year and thoroughly encourage you to run to be a part of the best society at Imperial.

So, what would make a good events officer?
First off you have to have great time management, organising events throughout the year is no easy task. You’ll have to make a lot of calls and be very patient when organising activities. Additionally, if you’re good at dragging people along with you to events then this could be the role for you!

Your duties.
As events officer you’ll be responsible for organising the pub crawls, Christmas and Chinese new year dinners, the bar nights, pub quizzes, NEP nights, the CivSoc Olympics and any other events you’d like to add along the way.

Being events officer is an incredibly rewarding role and provides you with an opportunity to build close relationships with staff, people from industry, and much more. Not to mention a CivSoc committee role would look great on any CV.

(And if that still hasn’t convinced you then it could be worth noting that the committee automatically gets a spot on the CivSoc tour- no 8am wake up after sports night!).

CivSoc love xx

Contact Anu:


An immensely gruelling yet rewarding role, as industrial liaison, you will be responsible for overseeing, in collaboration with the chair: sponsorship, industry talks, site visits and the careers fair. You will assist in the promotion of these events and preparation of contracts and payments. The time commitment should not be underestimated. You will have a say in much of CivSoc’s activities and be given the opportunity to help shape the society and have a real impact on its members. This role also allows you to build your professional network.

Contact Tyler:


As the 'International Tour Finance Officer' or whatever the official name is, you will be responsible of organising CivSoc's biggest and most anticipated event of the calendar year! It is a very exciting role that brings a lot of freedom (city locations, jumper design ...) so it's a great way to put your own touch on the event.

Organising the trip is a demanding task with many different things you will have to plan. This includes: flights, accomodation, jumpers, educational events such as a site visit or univiersity trip,  some fun social events and many more. To do this, you need to be particularly organised, enthusiastic about the trip (always helps) and be able to handle a large budget. All this responsibility means it will also look great on your CV. Luckily, you have the whole year to plan the trip, so there should be plenty of time for all the above to be done.

If you're thinking of applying but have nooo idea what it takes, trust me, I thought exactly the same last year; that should definitely not put you off. I'd always be a message away for any queries and will explain the role in great detail during the comittee handover.

So yeah, if you have any more questions, feel free to email/ message me (Briac Turquet) : )

I'd really encourage you all to apply for the 'Tour Officer' position, you'll be able to organise a trip that so many people will remember for a really long time soooo open word and start writing your manifesto!

Contact Briac:


Have you always been organized without realizing it? Then this is the position for you!! Being CivSoc’s Secretary has quite a lot of responsibility but at the same time if you have the organizational skills, you will have so much fun! As the secretary you will need to make bookings for all the events happening in Skempton and take minutes of the CivSoc meetings. You will also be the one to send all the emails with all the information for the different society events! However, these responsibilities will seem so easy after the first months and then you will just enjoy being part of an amazing committee where together you will organize these amazing events that no other society does!!

Contact Dhruv:


Treasurer is a great role to have in CivSoc. The role includes: managing CivSoc finances, arranging budgets for different events, coordinating with the Union finance team, and much more exciting stuff! Treasurer is an essential position in the committee and holds a lot of responsibility. If you're considering applying you need to be organised, enthusiastic and keen to learn (the union finance team can be a bit complicated at times!). CivSoc is a really great committee to be a part of - you have the opportunity to meet different people, and take part in fun and sociable events. Definitely apply!

Contact Balaram:


BEST ROLE IN CIVSOC! Thank you for your interest in running for Mums & Dads + Alumni Officer. If you haven’t considered running before, I’m sure you will be convinced by my sub-par writing skills.

This position starts by the most intense work you will do all year: creating the Mums & Dads families. You have to promote the scheme to your cohort to get as many people to sign up as possible, which isn’t hard since everyone loves the scheme anyways and will sign up. Matching people based on their interests takes time (unless you code an extremely complicated algorithm which I will sell for a pack of Haribo), but at least you get to make creepy jokes at the beginning of the year because you know fresher’s facebook details by heart (if that’s your thing). You also have creative liberty on how you want to make the presentation showing the families... This job is super important because you are giving the fresher’s their first experience with CivSoc: the Mums and Dads picnic, which ultimately convinces them to come on the Pub Crawl!!

In addition to this event, you will be responsible for contacting Alumni for networking or social events, as well as organising inter-year group mingles to help with integration and create an overall good vibe. You propose ideas, approach people, follow up, and enjoy the event (especially enjoy the event with all your committee privilege as the M&D officer (no privilege basically)). It’s great fun to talk to alumni and socialize in the process. We just recently created an Alumni Database so don’t worry it’s going to be easy to reach out to them.

You’ll also be an integral part of the committee, helping run events, submitting grant claims to the CGCU and, if you want to, giving presentations on CivSoc to potential UCAS recruits on their recruitment day (that is actually jokes because they are all terrified and you come in talking about a pub crawl and bar nights). Your role also extends to the department, coordinating with the UGA office and other external officers for Alumni related activities and minor admin stuff.

In general, your working hours are super flexible (won’t occupy more than an hour or two per week when events are coming up). I strongly encourage you to take this job as it is very fulfilling. Although its role is mainly to do with people, you don’t need to have awesome social skills and remember you’ll work in a TEAM! I’ve prepared handover documents and will be around next year to help you if you need me.

Contact Matteo:


CivSoc is the most active Departmental society at Imperial, and hence being in the CivSoc committee as the Website and Marketing Officer or any other role you get to share that pride. Being very active and offering wide ranges of events throughout the year also means that your job as the Website and Marketing Officer is to essentially communicate to our department what CivSoc is up to almost every week (workload is spread out though). 

Whether it’s through the CivSoc website, Facebook, Boss screens, or any other social media account (CivSoc has got one on almost all of them) you get to advertise CivSoc’s events. You get quite a lot of freedom when it comes to publicising events in terms of how you do it and on which platforms (that being said CivSoc is very active mainly on our Website, Facebook and Instagram because of these platforms’ versatility) you can even introduce new ways to publicise. 

You’re also in charge of the Facebook year groups, creating a new one for the freshers, accepting freshers and exchange students after checking a list and sharing the events on these groups. 

One of the best things about this role is that you are involved in literally everything that the committee organises, you get all the info to advertise and can very much be involved in organising events if a committee member needs help or you just wish to do so. This also means that you work closely with almost all committee members especially the secretary and the events officer. 

As the Website and Marketing Officer you generally get a lot of freedom and I have personally very much enjoyed it, and loved being part of the committee! 

Contact Lij:


Editing LIVIC is as you'd expect it to be. You're writing a magazine. That should be enough of a summary, but like me, that's too short.

It is an opportunity to gain skills such as writing, graphic design and project management. It’s also a wonderful chance to meet the staff and learn about their research should you choose to take it.

Now some advice. Editing, is simply a matter of planning and no planning means no LIVIC. Lack of planning also means that you'll end up writing everything. Don't do that. You won't publish anything that way. Write all the editions you plan on doing in the summer because when term comes around, you'll be knee deep in coursework.

I used Publisher to make everything, but you can use PowerPoint if you're feeling brave. GIMP was also used at one point, but that's effort. Also, quick side note, when printing in booklet form, ‘flip on short edge’ otherwise it will go badly.

All the best to whoever applies. Look online for past examples/ inspiration. If you need help with the role or have any questions, feel free to ask. I’m sure someone will help you.

Contact Kenneth:


If you enjoy being aware of all the new changes happening in the Department, and if you want to be a force for making that change positive, this is the role for you!

The Academic DepRep position will get you involved in CivSoc, the Department, the Faculty of Engineering and Union sub-committees. You will have the chance to learn from other departments and see how CivEng stands amongst our peers. Best of all, if there's something you think needs to be changed, you have the power to do something about it!

You will need to be well organised and passionate for the student academic experience. You will be attending at least five formal meetings per term, in addition to working with the year reps, sending emails, investigating any issues and taking part in CivSoc's meetings and events. In the Spring term you will also chair the CivEng student-staff liaison committee meeting. These are just some of the already existing parts of the role, but you are able to take it even further!

Being Academic DepRep is a great opportuinity to develop your skills while also making a positive contribution to the program. Any questions please message me (or leave a comment in the UG feedback survey which is open year-round ;) )!

Contact Rhys:


So the Well-being Dep Rep is a pretty new position and that may seem a bit daunting but all it means is that you have the capability of shaping what this role entails. So yes, there's a lot of emails evolved and a few meetings but it's pretty rewarding. You have a budget to put on well-being events and are in charge of minions (aka the well-being reps) who will do your will!
From this year on, you'll also be in charge of organising a well-being/diversity week. Woop!

Contact Leah:

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