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Message from The Editor

Posted on by Peter Nugent

Livic Editor - Hamish Mackenzie
Livic Editor - Hamish Mackenzie

Now some of the freshers among you may be relieved to read that I am as fresh to Editing a magazine as you are to Civil Engineering, and that I am as nervous about this first edition under my command as you are about the first major step in your careers, some of you may  read  this  with  some  regret   and wonder why we even have a magazine at all. After all, engineers and scientists are hardly known for their verbal dexterity. However, the reason that I took up this job is not purely to add another line to my CV between MEng in Civil Engineering and...

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Site Visit: Woolwich Arsenal DLR Station

Posted on by Peter Nugent

A group of students take advantage of a break in the recent torrential rain to visit new work on the DLR.

A group of 14 keen CivSoc members were fortunate enough to be blessed with sunshine as they went on a site visit, organised by Halcrow, to the Woolwich Arsenal DLR Station on Wednesday 21st Nov, despite it having been raining continuously for the previous two days.

Woolwich Arsenal station is part of the latest DLR extension connecting from the London City Airport branch just across the Thames, which was previously designed by Halcrow too.

When the station opens in 2009, it will not...

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Future Perfect: An Engineering Agenda for a Sustainable Society

Posted on by Peter Nugent

Livic has it's reporters everywhere, this month one reported from the Joint ICE and RIBA Annual Lecture.

Sustainability: It's probably one of the most used "buzz" phrases right now, along with emissions trading, carbon offsetting, green, global warming, ozone depletion, ecological; you get the picture. The press and the consumer have woken up and realised that destruction of the earth and its resources is not quite so hot any more, unless you count global warming. So it's fitting that this year's Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE)...

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Engineering Origins: Imhotep

Posted on by Peter Nugent

We look back again at another contributor to the great profession. This time it is further than ever!

Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt were the original proving grounds for architects, way back when there was no engineering separation we see today. While the technology of millennia ago may seem irrelevant in the times of carbon nanotubes and atomic circuits, design really should be based on backsight as well as foresight. With this in mind I decided to highlight one of the earliest polymaths in history and bona fide genius. Imhotep.

Many may be thinking, hang about, Imhotep, I remember that...

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