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Clucking Good Chicken And Where To Find It

Posted on by Peter Nugent

The 5 best places to get fried chicken after midnight in the Fulham area.

It's time LIVIC touched upon some real, hard hitting journalism that deals with some seriously serious world issues concerning all of us today. No, we are not talking about the painfully varied temperatures of Skempton. No, this is not an instruction manual on how the hell to adjust the chairs in 201 and 317. We are talking. Of CHICKEN. This is a definitive guide to the 5 best places to get fried chicken after midnight in the Fulham area; a thing we all must learn. It contains everything you need to know about the...

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Civ Eng Builds Hydro Power in Rwanda

Posted on by Peter Nugent

The following is a guest article by Matthew Wood.

Before We Arrived.....Peace and Tranquillity
Before We Arrived.....Peace and Tranquillity

4th June 2012, Marriott Kensington hotel, after polishing off several bottles of mediocre wine at the CivSoc ball there is a sudden realisation that in less than two days we depart for Africa. More specifically Rwanda, the location of the atrocious 1994 genocides, in order to construct a hydro electric power system that will provide lighting, mobile phone charging and low wattage appliance use to more than 150 villagers. These basic facilities we take for granted, but in an area where children...

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Radiohead Gig Review

Posted on by Peter Nugent

The following is a guest article by James Armstrong.

Few bands from the mid to late 1990’s could claim to have changed the modern musicscape quite like Radiohead. Two names straight from the top hat that everyone will have heard of, Oasis and Blur, are both undoubtedly great bands in their own right but they haven’t really pushed the boundaries of what’s possible on stage and in the studio in the same way. Following the musical and popular culture big-bang of the 1960’s, Liam Gallagher and Damon Albarn became far too infatuated with their respective idols – John Lennon and Ray Davies....

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Frozen Ground

Posted on by Peter Nugent

The following is a guest article by Áine Ní Bhreasaíl

Freezing soil causes cracks to appear in buildings and lumps in roads. It’s not just the 9% expansion of water when it freezes to ice that that causes the ground to heave in this way, it is also the freezing and thawing of ice lenses, segregated bands of ice within the soil, which cause movement many times greater than 9%.The threat from ice lenses is significant. In 1966 20 people died when a building affected by soil freezing and thawing collapsed in Noril’sk in Russia. The extent of ice lens related damage to infrastructure and...

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Message From The Editor

Posted on by Peter Nugent

Livic Editor - Hamish Mackenzie
Livic Editor - Hamish Mackenzie

Hello again, I hope you are all suffering as much as I am under the burdens of coursework, work or whatever particular stresses you have brought upon yourselves. This is because I am unpleasant and have not yet resolved my inner problems and am lashing out against theworld to seek some sort of revenge. It is also because I’m not sure what else goes on in the life of the students and staff in the Civil Engineering Department at Imperial College, so I have no idea what else to write about.

This month’s issue looks at some of the fantastic work that is being...

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Survival Guide To Survival Guides

Posted on by Peter Nugent

Hamish Mackenzie & Camilla Nicholson talk about how to deal with your advisors...

If you are not already, you will soon be awash with several rainforests’ worth of leaflets and booklets giving valuable advice on exactly how you can get the most out of the library’s advice sessions and the most effective way of developing your multicultural interdisciplinary environmentally friendly pasta-frying skills. So at LIVIC, we have decided that you will probably need guidance on how best to deal with this paper-based avalanche that is marching inevitably towards you. First of all, its worth saying...

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Message from CivSoc Chair

Posted on by Peter Nugent

CivSoc Chair - Camilla Nicholson
CivSoc Chair - Camilla Nicholson

Hello Freshers!

Congratulations – you’ve made through the feral wilderness of A-levels, and into the seemingly infinite fields of Imperial College Civil Engineering! My name is Camilla and I’m Chair of CivSoc for this academic year. As a fresher entering Imperial College, it’s important for you to know that although you’ll have a fair bit of work to do, and I know you’ll all be eager to succeed in your studies, life at university isn’t just about academic success. To get the most out of your brief 4 years (and trust me, they will fly by) the key is to...

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