Hippolyte - Chair

Hello all,
First of all a massive welcome to the Freshers joining us this year!
My name is Hippolyte (pronounced ee poh leet ) and this year I will be your CivSoc Chair. Along with my wonderful committee we are here to make sure you have an excellent time at Imperial within the Civ-Eng Department. We host events every week including pub crawls, quiz nights, industry talks, bar nights and much much more.
Keep an eye out for our emails which will give you all of the information you’ll need. Make sure you come to the pub crawl to meet all of the older years, who will teach you the tricks of the trade here in Skempton. I hope you have an excellent freshers week. Make sure you go to as many events as possible (most importantly the civsoc ones!).
I look forward to meeting you all. Come and say hi if you have any questions.


Dalia - Treasurer

I'm Dalia and in my second year of Civ-Eng. I will be working as Treasurer for CivSoc this year. CivSoc is the central hub for all things social in the department. We will be hosting many pub crawls, bar nights, and various different events throughout the year. 
In particular, my role will be focussed on the finances that support CivSoc. And it's got to be said - the only thing I like more than engineering is a good time, and taking deep care of society finances.
If you see me around the department, feel free to come and have a chat.
Get ready for a great year of CivSoc!


Elena - Secretary

Hey everyone !
I want to welcome you freshers and hope you have an amazing start! I am really excited to be your CivSoc secretary this year! I have always been organised and have managed to balance out Imperial’s workload with more fun activities. Having a passion for dance since I was a little kid, I was intending to study Dance instead of Civil Engineering. So I managed to do both here at Imperial and I encourage you to continue any hobbies you might have! These past three years at Imperial were amazing and especially due to the CivSoc events. From pub crawls, to bar nights and the amazing tour, CivSoc's purpose is to make studying Civil Engineering much more exciting. This is why I wanted to get involved with the society this year. I will be responsible to coordinate and inform you about all the upcoming events so feel free to ask me any question you might have.


Alexis - Industrial Liaison Officer

Hi Guys. My name is Alexis de Germay, but a lot of people call me Alex. I surprisingly made it to 3rd year, and I am very pleased to be your Industrial Liaison Officer for the upcoming year.
I have been working in a French construction company for two months this summer, gaining some priceless insights into the industry. My aim for this year is to connect students to the different stakeholders in the construction field of work, the same way I did this summer. Of course, I can understand this is less appealing than the famous CivSoc pub crawl. Yet, trust me those events are a real opportunity for you to understand the industry better and relate your studies to real projects.
Being now part of the CivSoc committee, I hope to pass on to you guys, the awesome vibes CivSoc has always carried through its people and events, bonding all years together and creating one of the best departmental atmospheres in Imperial.
Finally, if there is one thing you should know about me, it’s that I’m probably the unluckiest person on this planet, especially regarding transports. Only two days ago, at the time I’m writing this article, it took me around 8h to reach a 2.5h destination for the weekend, due to an unlikely fire near one of Paris’ train station. But don’t worry, I’m working on this and there shouldn’t be any impact on my work this year.
I can’t wait to see you in October!


Dorian - Mums and Dads Officer

Hey Freshers,
My name is Dorian, and I’m in charge of making sure everyone knows and likes everyone. Easy.
My goal is to make sure all freshers get to know each other, as well as other students from the department, whether it be current students or alumnis. That includes matching freshers with their CivSoc Mums & Dads, which will help you throughout your studies and welcome you to the department. I hope you all continue to see your CivSoc family throughout your studies and come to all our CivSoc events #pubcrawl.
Fun fact about me (according to fellow Committee member Alexis): I’m tall and I climb things.
I truly can’t wait to meet you all and I hope you have a fantastic year!


Inigo - Tour Officer

Hey there! My name’s Íñigo and I’m a 3rd year student. I’m your Tour Officer for this year and as such, I’ll be in charge of organising CivSoc’s main event of the year: TOUR! For all of you newcomers, Tour is the annual Easter break trip that CivSoc organises where 70 students across the four years travel together to a European city and spend 5/6 days of constant fun!
Tour is without question the highlight of the year and my goal will be to make this year’s event truly memorable. I’m an avid traveller, so hopefully my experience will help me ensure that you guys have an amazing time!
In my first two years I attended most of CivSoc’s events and I really enjoyed them. I think it’s awesome how the society helps create a more relaxed environment in our department and how it makes it easier to mix with people from other years. Take part in as many CivSoc events as you can and get excited for Tour!


Ottilie - Departmental Representative

Hi, I’m Ottilie and I’m your Department Representative this year :)
My job is to reassure you that there’s always a student, who’s going through/has gone through the same experience as you, listening to your concerns/complains, providing positive feedbacks, speaking up on your behalf in the student-staff year&faculty&union meetings, and hopefully improving the quality of your education a little bit more.
Please feel free to contact me (via SL10615@ic.ac.uk, or talk to me in person) or your year reps with any questions related to your academic performance, etc.


Josh - Events Officer

Hey freshers!! I’m Josh, and we’re going be putting together a series of FUN events (unlike the industrial/career stuff) for you throughout the year to help us all keep our sanity! I would say a little about all the fun things that await BUT the only thing that really matters right now is the CivSoc PUB CRAWL on the 4th, so SAVE THE DATE, clear your calendars and DO NOT MISS what may be the most memorable night of your year!!! *Attendance is MANDATORY for freshers, you won’t regret it! **Soft drinks are available at all venues!! ***It’s important to know that there is plenty of fun to be had, even if you abstain from drinking for personal reasons!! ****Also ”Oh but I don’t drink” is the worlds most invalid excuse for not coming to the pub crawl.
*****EVERYONE comes to the Pub Crawl. See you there!*****


Thibault - LIVIC Officer

Hey everyone!
I am Thibault, the LIVIC editor. So a little bit about me: I am French –Who could have guessed with that first name?– and come from the middle of nowhere. My job this year will be to write the magazine. One thing you should probably know about me is that I am a massive transport nerd but due to copyright issues I can’t publish pictures of TFL assets, I know it is sad but we can always talk about transport.

Enjoy your First Year!