Susie McAllister - Chair

Hello everyone!!
To all you CivEngie freshers out there, welcome!!! I am your CivSoc Chair this year and first and foremost I am here to make sure that your experience within our department is as fun and enjoyable as possible. With events on almost every week from pub crawls, quiz nights to industry talks and careers fairs; this is definitely the society to be in!
Don’t forget to sign up for the very highly anticipated CivSoc tour which is always incredible amounts of fun and to pick up copies of our very own newsletter LIVIC! There is always lots happening within CivSoc, so make sure you keep an eye out for our emails.
I will be working with my wonderful committee, and we will strive to make this year as fabulous as ever. I’ll be around the department so feel free to ask me questions, give suggestions or just for a hello.

Max Castello - Secretary

Ahoy freshers!
Welcome to Imperial – but welcome especially to CivSoc. I will be your CivSoc Secretary this year, and as the word implies, I deal with the CivSoc Secrets… From the organisation of the Four Bridges Pub Crawl, through the various Staff Seminar Series up to the Pub Quiz questions, my job is to be aware and coordinate of everything that happens and will happen for you guys. So don’t hold back! Come to me if you have any question about upcoming event or about university as a whole – and if you’re already worrying about the work load, always remember that the great Louis Pasteur said, "Il y a plus de philosophie dans une bouteille de vin que dans tous les livres".


Yimo Yan - Treasurer

Hey everyone, welcome to the best department at Imperial. I am Yimo, who is feeling so delighted to serve Civsoc as Treasurer. My target is to make Civsoc always great.
Money is the key thing for a society to organise events. My role is basically to control, record all the cash flows and make sure every penny goes to right place on time. If you are curious about where does the money go please don’t hesitate to ask me.


Cheng Wei Kwang - Industry Liaison Officer

Howdy! My name is Cheng and I’m a 2nd year student. I will be in charge of securing sponsorships for the society as well as communicating with external parties to organize events such as the CivSoc Careers Fair and lunchtime talks by leading industry experts. Do let me know any suggestions or ideas that you have in mind to deliver successful engineering events and make 2017-2018 a smashing academic year for all of us at the department!


Ottilie Lau - Alumni and Mums&Dads Officer

In brief, I
• match current students
• spam ex-Imperialites
Or, not in short, I
• Ensure freshers settle into new lives and have a fulfilling time in our department
• Ensure the college's alumni associations continue to provide adequate support to our activities
• Expand the alumni networks to give social, career and moral supports in specialities of their preference for the benefit of our stay in Skempton
• Expand the career supports provided throughout the year to ensure a diverse range of specialities and career paths are covered
• Establish contact with those who have completed their course, and involve them in a mailing list to keep them in touch with Civsoc


Christina Trigle - Events Officer

I'm a fourth year and events officer next year. I'll be organising all sorts of CivSoc events from pub crawls to philosophy nights. I hope to get to know you all soon!


Remi Pelletier - Marketing & Web Officer

Hi! I'm Remi, 2nd year student and I'm your CivSoc marketing and web officer. My role is basically to advertise online for the events organised by your committee, so i'll be in charge of the CivSoc website, facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as designing the flyers for all the events!