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Fiona Walport - Chair

Welcome all,


I hope that you have all had fantastic summers scattered around the world and are all feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready for the year ahead (or as ready as one can ever be...!).

To our newcomers, I hope that the first few weeks at Imperial go smoothly and that you all settle in soon, and to our slightly more aged readers, congrats on making it back (always a relief) and I hope you're excited and raring to go.

This year CivSoc has even more exciting events with something for each and every one of you - so no excuses for not getting involved! We will be starting off the year with the Mums and Dads BBQ and the Four Bridges Pub Crawl this week and then look out for more information on other upcoming events such as the ever-popular Pub Quiz, Industry Talks and all new Staff Seminar Series. Feel free to be as excited as we are!

I look forward to seeing you all and starting off what will be another legendary CivSoc year at the pub crawl on Thursday - not to be missed!

Lots of CivSoc love



Chloe Detanger - Secretary

Hi everyone!

 My job is to keep a trace of everything, from the serious to the inappropriate, that is said and done during CivSoc meetings and events. I’m also here to help out the other committee members with anything they need to ensure we offer the best CivSoc ever!

 If you have any questions or queries about anything and you can’t find Fiona, I will be happy to help – you can always find me somewhere around Skempton.

 I truly can’t wait to meet you all and I hope you all have a fantastic year!


Edrea Pan - Dep Rep

Hey, I’m Edrea, a 4th year student and your department representative (or better known as Dep Rep).

My task is to act as the liaison between staff and students regarding academic matters and other issues that are important to you!

This will mainly be done through your soon-to-be-elected class reps. However I am more than happy to help you out regardless.


Jay Master - Tour Officer

Tour. This will define your year. The one unique event that has all departments looking on in envy. The place where all your dreams will come true! (That’s if your dreams are to have an awesome, unforgettable time with fellow CivEngers exploring a European country’s engineering feats and local culture)

 Hi, I’m Jay and I’m your International Tour Officer. Want to know more? Ask your Mum about it.

 No seriously, ask her. I mean, even your Dad knows. (Just to be clear, your Imperial ones). It genuinely is CivSoc’s hottest, most anticipated event and will definitely be one of the best things you will ever do at Imperial.

 CivSoc aside, I’m always about, if you have any questions you can always buy me a drink (no guarantee of an answer though).


Jack Suddaby - Events Officer


I’m Jack, and I’m your Events Officer for the year.

Hope to see you all at the Pub Crawl this Thursday, as well as the coming Bar Nights, Engineering Philosophy evenings, and other great events I have lined up this year!

Little known fact: my middle name is fun.


Lisa Hey - Web & Marketing Officer

Hey guys, I'm Lisa, a 2nd year and your marketing & web officer for this year! I'll be the one updating CivSoc's website and social media and designing event flyers etc (if you don't find them pretty enough, you know who to complain to haha). Other than CivSoc, my hobbies include skiing, sleeping, playing tennis, reading, and other stuff I wish I had time for.

Feel free to say hi when you see me around the department or if you have a suggestion to improve the website, I'm always up for a chat!


Catherine Ding - Industrial Liaison Officer

Hey peeps!

Welcome to the COOLEST department at Imperial!

I'm Cath and I am your Industrial Liaison Officer this year. My role is to both secure funding for CivSoc and organise career events to help YOU to crack into the civil engineering world. Check out 'careers' page on our website and come to the events with your mates to dig out more

Like many other international students here, I love travelling but more importantly, food. If you have any questions about careers, travelling or FOOD and you don't know where to begin, feel free to approach me whenever you see me around! 


Kristina Dahyaraj - Treasurer

Hi, I’m a third year student from London, born and raised! As treasurer I’ll be managing the financial side of CIVSOC, making sure not a single penny goes to waste!


Ines Garayalde - Mums&Dads Officer


My name is Ines, and for those of you who aren’t sure what I do, the idea is that I’ll be bringing undergrads and alumni together this year. It’s important to get close with your classmates, but also with other people from other years, past and present. You’ll learn more about that later, but the main idea is to create an orientation programme to help first years make a great start at uni. I hope you all enjoy the multiple events  I have planned, and keep in touch with your Civeng family over the year!

I’m Spanish, which means I’m always up for a salsa night and eating Mediterranean style food, so if you’re into either or have any questions, come find me!