Paul Zhu ・ Vice-Chair


As vice-chair, my role is very open, so I get involved with everything that needs attention and everything that I feel I can contribute meaningfully to. It also means that I am free to explore new things for CivSoc, such as the Design Competitions that we will be running through the year. 

As for who I am… I’m half-English half-Chinese, I’m outgoing, I like to dabble in the creative such as drawing and writing, but my biggest passions are martial arts and dance. 

Chloe Detanger ・ Secretary

Hi all Civengers and Civengettes,

I’m your new CivSoc secretary this year! What is that, you may ask? Fair question… To put it simply, my job is to keep a trace of everything, from the serious to the inappropriate, that is said and done during CivSoc meetings and events. I’m also here to help out all the other committee members with anything they need in their mission to provide the best CivSoc ever for YOU. 

In addition, if you can’t find Dom, then don’t hesitate to come to me if you have any questions or queries, and I will make sure to pass it on!

I hope you all have a great year in our beloved Skempton!

Karoline Lende ・ Treasurer

My name is Karoline and I'm a 3rd year, and I will be your CivSoc treasurer this year. This basically means I'll be taking care of the finances so that we have money for all the cool/fun/crazy/amazing events we do. I haven't been a part of the CivSoc committee before (but I've been a dedicated CivSoc fan since day one), and I hope we can make life in Skempton enjoyable for all of you!

Jineesha Mehta ・Dep Rep

Hi all! I am Jineesha, your Dep Rep for this year. I am currently in my final year here and after being a year rep for the last two years, I am now a one stop shop for all things that will affect you, whether it be related to the course or not. Please feel free to contact me directly to discuss any issues you are having or via your year reps who will be elected in the following weeks. I hope you all enjoy the year ahead!

Ruben Menke ・PG Dep Rep

Hi I'm Ruben and I am Dep Rep for all the postgraduate students in our Department.  I represent the PG students and defend their interests. I also promote events to improve your students experience at Imperial. Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any issues. Hope you have a great year ahead of you!

Jack Wilkinson ・ Events

Civil Engineering Formula Book 2014:

[By Jack Wilkinson, PhD of procrastination and power naps]

Education = Important, but ≠ Everything.

Fun>> No Fun

Free food = Nom + <£££’s

ΣPub Crawls, Easter egg hunts, Football tournaments, Sports days, Dinners and socials= Δ Chuckles

Δ Chuckles ≈ Fun

∴ Place to be = Civsoc event

Ans = Get involved

Chloe Detanger ・ Welfare

Hi again!

It turns out I am also your CivSoc Welfare Officer! This position is new this year in CivSoc, and aims to promote each student’s wellbeing within the department. Our goal with the CGCU Welfare Team is to make sure that every student feels right at home here, and finds the perfect balance between work and fun!

This is aimed at everybody – if anyone has a problem fitting into university life, or any other issue troubling you, then please, my (metaphorical) door is always open, you will always find me roaming around Skempton in my free time. 

I look forward to meeting you, and in the meantime, have a great year! 

Kasia Swiatek ・Industrial Liaison


My name is Kasia and I will be Industrial Liaison Officer for CivSoc. I will try my best to secure funding for the society from different companies to subsidise social events and finally The Tour! I will also be responsible for organising the lunchtime talks to show the exciting aspect of engineering but also to familiarise you with the opportunities for civil engineers in the industry. 

Apart from CivSoc I am a part of Project Nepal and will try my best to recruit the most keen and brave to the team for the next summer! I also dance in both Funkology and Dancing Company. If you are up for a month close to the Himalayas, helping in construction projects or you are into dancing, it’s definitely worth trying those societies! 

Fiona Walport ・ Tour Finance 

Welcome to all those new in the department! In short, my role as Tour Finance Officer is to organise the LEGENDARY annual Civsoc international tour at Easter! I will also help the rest of the team throughout the year to make this Civsoc year a great success. Check out the website for more info and don't hesitate to come find me if you have any questions. I'm super excited to be organising tour this year having loved the last two tours!

As well as Skempton loving (obviously) I also enjoy playing in Sinfonietta Orchestra as well as singing in the Imperial choir and can often be found in the union eating cheesy curly fries with a nice cold drink! I look forward to meeting you all at the Civsoc events this year and do encourage everyone to attend!  

Stephen Rose ・ Web, Media & Marketing

Hi everyone, this year I'll be in charge of improving the CivSoc website and developing the most requested new features. We have launched a brand new website for this year (shameless plug) so check it out for the latest news (#gossip) from around the department. Outside of CivSoc I'm also involved with IC Tennis and a bit of a tech enthusiast! Feel free to find me around the department if you have any questions!

David Maguire ・LIVIC Editor

You’ve already heard from me this edition, but in case you haven’t got the picture, I’ll be the one giving you your monthly (or twice monthly, depending on how productive I feel) dose of Skempton related goodness. News, pictures, hot gossip, crosswords; you name it, it’s in LIVIC. So what do you need any other paper for? 

If you’d like to help me out, and have a great article idea, can proofread, want to edit a section, or just want to discuss this illustrious publication over a cup of good strong green tea, get in touch! 

The picture above is a fairly accurate portrayal of how I spend most of my time. In addition to yachting near tropical islands, I like to ski race, sing, and bake real good cookies.