Hello Freshers!

Dominik Sznajder
Dominik Sznajder

Congratulations! You’ve made it through the feral wilderness of A-levels, and into the seemingly infinite fields of Imperial College Civil Engineering! My name is Dom and I’m Chair of CivSoc for this academic year.

As a fresher entering Imperial College, it’s important for you to know that although you’ll have a fair bit of work to do, life at university isn’t just about academic success. To get the most out of your brief 4 years (and trust me, they will fly by) the key is to work hard, play hard, and broaden your mind. This is where CivSoc comes in.

So what is CivSoc? It is where budding engineers get a chance to take off their hard hats, pack up their hi-vis jackets, and leave their books in the library. CivSoc is the society for students in the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (that’s you!), all of whom are automatically members! We provide a support network (and basically a family) for all our students as we work through our degree together.

We are one of the most active departmental societies in the college, organising a wide variety of events throughout the year to cater for the diverse needs and interests of our students. It is through these social activities that we have developed a very cohesive student body, in which students help their peers and support each other. We have an ever expanding variety of events on offer, from the intellectual and sporting to the good old fashioned pub crawls and bar nights, all with the purpose of enhancing your experience at Imperial and helping you to create some lifelong friendships with people from all the year groups. These events are complimented by site visits and professional lectures; both of which are aided by our strong links to industry.

The highlight of the CivSoc calendar is the International Tour, which is the envy of all other departments, giving students the opportunity to travel to a European country for a few days. There, we group with a partner university and experience engineering practice, local cuisines and many other cultural delights.

CivSoc International Tour: Prague 2013
CivSoc International Tour: Prague 2013

Additionally, the society’s magazine, LIVIC (read it backwards) [not the whole thing though, otherwise you’ll find all the secret satanic stuff ECNOYEB SI ITANIMULLI- Ed.], is published throughout the year. LIVIC is the culmination of everything awesome; there will be a bit of everything in there, enough to take your attention away from that impending 9AM lecture. If there isn’t, then why not write for us? Get in contact with our editor through the CivSoc email account, or just approach him (you will get to know the committee soon enough!)

Now, what’s next you ask? Your first opportunity to experience the wonder of CivSoc will be in the very first week. We have a range of activities prepared for you to ensure that you feel welcome at Imperial. At this point, please ensure that you register for the Mums&Dads scheme and join your Official 2014 Imperial College Civil Engineering Freshers Facebook group. The highlight of your Freshers’ Week will be the FOUR BRIDGES PUB CRAWL on Thursday, at which you will undoubtedly get the privilege to visit the Brunel statue and meet the Legendary Hard Hat Funnel. For more information and to keep updated, keep an eye on your emails or find us on Facebook, Twitter, second floor screens and our website.

Dom Sznajder

CivSoc Chair