Dear Reader,

David Maguire
David Maguire

First of all, thanks for leafing through the virtual pages of the LIVIC website. It’s my first edition as Editor, so I’ve been feeling the pressure a bit. To ease the tension, I’ve included a picture of me holding a koala, which was probably the smiliest I’ve ever been or will ever be. Please take a moment to enjoy the warmth and happiness that even a picture of these cuddly creatures instills in anyone capable of emotion.

If you’re new to Imperial; welcome! Here begins the time of your life (mainly because after this you’ll spend the rest of it chained to a soulless desk). But seriously, Imperial has tons to offer, contrary to popular opinion; after all, you are at the second best uni in the world (suck it Oxford). Make the most of it. Have a flick through these pages to get some ideas for the year ahead.

If you’re a returning student, lecturer, researcher, member of Skempton’s life support team; welcome back! I hope you had a great summer, and stocked up on enough happiness to last you through the term. If you didn’t, feel free to pop in to the LIVIC office, where I’ve installed a ball pit, a petting zoo and a trampoline covered in furry toys.

As you might have guessed from the pic, I spent a bit of time in Oz over the summer, so I’ve got to witness some pretty amazing CivEng structures and am feeling inspired (I’ve yet to see whether I can rescue the vestiges of my degree with inspiration alone). Whether it be the blistering bridges of Brisbane, the smooth silhouette of Sydney Opera House or the neo-gothic Cathedrals of Adelaide, it’s reminded me of the limits of alliteration, as well as what our profession can achieve. Go get ‘em!