LIVIC Editor Peter
LIVIC Editor Peter

Hello? Are you there? Hopefully you are not too hung over from the post elections pub crawl. What’s that? You missed it? Too much work? You’re having an absolute laugh! It’s silly o’clock in the morning and I’m here, a man of the people, writing LIVIC for your thirsty souls. There will be mistakes, there will be drunken errors; but how are we meant to learn without first failing first? Ok, enough poetry for one decade, on to LIVIC! This issue is pretty much reviewing all the awesome stuff that has been happening since Valentine’s Day, all the events you would have to be silly to miss. For those of you who attended, rejoice as I guide you through the highlights, and for those of you who missed then you have a chance to gain an insight in to all the awesomeness that took place.

Elections have come and gone, a new LIVIC Editor is waiting in the wings, and he shall step up to the plate in due course. No seriously, as LIVIC Editor you get an engraved plate passed down from Editor to Editor, if you wanted more incentive then there you have it...

I’m not sure what else to say really, there will be a time in summer term where I put some emotional words on to paper and tell you some tales from the bottom of my heart, but it is not this day! (I hope you all enjoyed that LOTR reference) This day, we shall bask in the glorious of LIVIC and look forward to the Tour Edition.