I haven't moved from this position since the first issue.
I haven't moved from this position since the first issue.

We are back! Well I am back, it’s just me up here in LIVIC Tower’s Editorial Room. There’s room for one more though, so if you’re free Friday afternoon? No? Gah, your loss! Anyway, it has been quite a while since the last issue, around 63 days, 1512 hours, 90720 minutes or 5443200 seconds. Not that I’ve been counting, you have though right? You haven’t had anything better to do! Don’t kid yourself. So after such a long hiatus what do we have in store for you?

We kick things off with an in depth look at being a STEMNET Ambassador, the perfect CV builder. We also bring back the Graduate Interview with a Structural Engineer from Arup, unlike the rest of our Graduates, he has been a graduate since 2007 so it gives an extra perspective. Our biggest feature this week is our interviews with the committee. Elections launch today so it’s your first opportunity to nominate yourself and run for a CivSoc position! We’ve interviewed every committee member and asked them to break down their position, so if you’re unsure what to run for or what the role actually is then read on!

We also take a look at the downfall of Manchester United and where Moyes is going wrong. Most importantly there’s a guide to February 14th, I know you’re all hopeless romantics so I’ve spelt it out for you. Lastly, Hot Topic returns on the very hot issue of Tube Strikes! That’s the issue in brief, I know you have been looking forward to it so I will not keep you any longer.


Peter Nugent