The following article was written by Dominik Sznajder.


As you probably all know, this year we are going to Budapest! The news has been passed to the Budapestanians and they are delighted and grateful to us for choosing them to host this year’s CivSoc International Tour. Happy residents were heard exclaiming: “Nagy megtiszteltetés, hogy házigazdája lehetünk a CivSoc Tournak”, “Nagyon izgatottak vagyunk a CivSoc Tour miatt, és alig várjuk, hogy megérkezzetek”. Isn’t it exciting?

Your one and only chance to secure a place on a trip of your lifetime is by replying to the CivSoc e-mail you received today in the morning! Simply reply with your name and year group (simple additions such as “I’m excited” are welcome). The glorious list of people who managed to secure a place will be announced soon!

The total cost of the trip will be under £165 (the cost does not include the cost of a visa, whichmay be necessary for non-EU citizens). For the lucky people who will manage to secure a place CivSoc will be collecting the deposit of £90 next week (non-refundable).

Oh, forgot about the most important information. The Tour will be taking place between 30/03/14 and 2-3/04/14. Please, make sure that you are able to come before signing up. If not, make yourself available and GeExCiTeD

Budapest Facts:

  • The average temperature for Budapest in March is about 6 degrees. (Editor: This doesn’t matter as we will be drinking £1.20 pints indoors!)
  • Hungary is a member of the European Union and, therefore, most of you will not require a visa.
  • The currency of Hungary is the Hungarian Forint (exchange rate: 1 GDP=360 HUF) (Editor: Ballin’!)
  • An average meal in a restaurant will cost you around 4000 Forint, in a fast food restaurant around 1200 Forint
  • A pint in a bar will cost you around 500 Forint

Useful phrases:

  • A pint, please - Egy korsóval, kérem.
  • One more, please - Még egyet, kérem.
  • Hello - Jó napot
  • Please – Kérem
  • Thank you - Köszönöm
  • Do you speak English? - Beszél angolul?
  • I don't understand - Nem értem

£1.20 for this bad boy? Egy korsóval, kérem.
£1.20 for this bad boy? Egy korsóval, kérem.