By Peter Nugent

The lights, yeah, that's where my attention is...
The lights, yeah, that's where my attention is...

So it's the end of November; the weather is now terrible and coursework deadlines are starting to pile up. Probably how you all feel right? How distant are the memories of the Four Bridges Pub Crawl as you slave over coursework in the Skempton? You have been thrust into the routine of entering the Skempton at 09:00 and not leaving till it's pitch black, you effectively never get to see the sun light. How depressing. Well fear not, I am here, time and time again as a man of the people, to bring you happiness, to show you the light at the end of the tunnel and remind why it's all worth it. That's right, the top 4 reasons why Christmas is awesome:

4. Four Weeks Off

It's been 11 weeks since that first day of term, since then you've had lectures pretty much every day and an ever-growing pile of tutorials that probably rivals your growing pile of laundry. Those two piles have something in common though; you're saving them for when you go back home at the end term. We're pretty hard-core, so there's no reading week like our Biologist neighbours across the road: instead if you're behind on work; the civil engineer train doesn't wait for slackers and just keeps rolling on.

This is why the four weeks off are awesome, it means that the civil engineering train goes to the depot for the winter and gives you a chance to catch up on all your work without worrying about having to learn even more from new lectures. I think structuring your own learning over the holidays can be so beneficial as well, sometimes during term you might have stayed up late and have a 09:00 lecture in the morning, let’s be honest you're not going to be at your optimal to learn, whereas during the holidays you can start work a little later, get the right amount of sleep and be productive. That's the plan anyway; we'll all probably procrastinate by eating copious amounts of food and come back in January obese. Wider chairs in lecture halls, year reps??

3. You Appreciate How Awesome Imperial Is

No I'm not talking about academia, league tables or how brilliant our fluids labs are. I'm talking about the friends you make here, whether you're a fresher or a fourth year I can promise you that you'll still be making new friends while at Imperial. If you're not, you need to leave the library and get to one of our CivSoc events! Speaking of which, Christmas Dinner tickets are flying (virtually) off e-activities so get yours now before they all run out!

Also, you'll be able to talk and compare with your other friends at different universities. They'll tell you how they go out every day of the week and you tell them you'll have a foot long sub BLT with lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes and jalapenos. Seriously though, ask how many of them have as active departmental societies as ours, you'll find it'll be very few. You're somewhere special, so make sure you make the most of it while you are here. You'll miss it and even regret it when you're gone.

2. Revive Your Social Life

You're finally making your own routine again, you'll be trying your best to work hard 24/7 but the reality is you need some balance, I don't care if you're Einstein or Newton, you can't revise the whole day productively. No matter how long you stare at your Stroud it will not become one with your mind, as much as we'd like it to. So you can finally go out in the evening and not feel bad about it, plus if you've put the work in during the day who's to say you can't? Plus, it's Christmas, most places look awesome, and I'm sure there's some shopping to be done. Or if you're not the type of person who likes going outside and interacting with other people, you can spend your breaks locked up in your room watching reruns of House and playing FIFA. Which, to be fair, is the majority of us.

You can also meet up with your mates and share all your crazy stories about how you stayed at uni all night doing coursework and even went to your 09:00 lecture. You crazy person you! What will we do with you? Seriously though, you can all go to Starbucks to buy overpriced coffee, catch up and instagram the same coffee cup as you did the last time you went. #Filter

1. Everyone Is A Lot Happier

It's Christmas! Need I remind you?

So much Christmas stuff...
So much Christmas stuff...

When this gets printed some of you will have a Christmas tree up, as will the rest of the country. Christmas is like a joyous airborne disease that spreads like wildfire. I think it's great that everyone has a reason to be happy and sometimes they may be less of a total C U Next Tuesdays. I think on public transport this is so true, everyone won't be hopelessly staring in to the abyss avoiding eye contact at all costs because they're all alone. Instead it will be full of happy shoppers in groups getting in to the festive spirit, and it spreads.

You don't have to celebrate Christmas either to embrace the festive spirit, high streets are transformed and loads of places are holding Christmas themed parties. It's impossible not to be involved, especially when you're taking a break from studying or need a distraction from looming exams it makes the perfect alternative to working. As time goes on though you'll realise that, as much as you complain about the hard work, you just want to be back at university with your friends and being productive. Heck, over the Christmas break there will be no new LIVIC, in fact you'll have to wait till February for our next issue. I know it's depressing, I know it'll be hard to cope with out my reassurances and my affectionate words but you'll have to cope without me and the longer we're apart, the better it will be when you find my embrace in February. One day, I won't be there to light up your morning lectures with tough crosswords or innuendo rich articles, but let’s not think about that until next yet. Who knows, come February, I may just surprise you for that special day. Chances are, I won't, instead I'll just shower you in articles and crosswords, but that's what you love me for. Isn't it?