I haven't moved from this position since the first issue.
I haven't moved from this position since the first issue.

It’s the last LIVIC of 2013, and it’s safe to say we’re going out with an absolutely huge bang! As the festive season fast approaches, coursework deadlines looming and exams over the horizon LIVIC is here to quell those fears and instill you with some happiness. There’s pros and cons when it comes to the end of term, one of the articles in this issues covers the positives about the christmas break, but there’s a huge game-changing negative. Two whole months without LIVIC! As if exams weren’t depressing enough, “but Peter, I can’t manage without you!” I hear you cry. Well don’t worry, I’ve jam-packed this issue with some awesome content, coursework tried to hold me back, tiredness tried to stop me but I got there in the end and I present to you our festive edition.

One thing that’s missing this issue is a Graduate interview, but I have something a lot more special. This is my Christmas present to you, an interview with John Burland, the man who saved the Leaning Tower of Pisa and is a living legend at Imperial. Don’t rush to thank me just yet, there’s indeed more! Our Ph.D. Review is with Liz, we look back on Raincatcher’s annual summer project and our Tour Sec drums up some hype for Budapest. £1.20 for a pint, need I say more? Our Events & Sports Officer reflects on the Night of Engineering, and Hot Topic returns with a look at BREEAM. Saving the best till last I review the Xbox One on Day One, just for you.

It has been an incredible term, LIVIC has gone from strength to strength, I want to thank anyone who has been involved, from interviews, to helping me fold LIVIC in the SAC and Rachel proof reading every single word. I’m already raring to go for next term, but first here is a round up the final term of 2013 from this LIVIC Editor:

  • 21,894 words
  • 64 Pages of LIVIC
  • 30+ Articles
  • 200+ Issues Printed
  • Launch of the Hot Topics
  • Launch of the New Website
  • Launch of Crosswords
  • Launch of the Graduate and Ph.D. Interviews

Just take a minute to digest that, how far LIVIC has come since October when you first glanced inside. I love a bit of reflection before the year bows out, but it also sets the standard for 2014, but don’t worry I am already working on it. Make the most of the holidays, and I’ll see you all in February where you’ll be queuing up waiting for the next edition of LIVIC.


Peter Nugent