It's 0230 in the morning, I'm in the furthest corner of London known to man after The Four Bridges Pub Crawl and I am attempting to write LIVIC and, rather unsuccessfully, trying to play GTA Online, which looks like it will never work! The turn out was something Brunel himself would have been proud of! From freshers to undergraduates to PhDs, all the way up to graduates who offered to hold my clothes, marvellous. We absolutely tore up Millennium Bridge, the amount of flesh on show was the stuff of legend, and it would take something special next year to top that! That bridge was 370m long, it's not about the length of the bridge though, it's about the lateral movement; shout out to Arup for that one.

Speaking of shout outs! Shout out to Jack Suddaby, last fresher standing, the love child of Chloe Detanger and Jack Wilkinson. Also, a shout out to Yuebi Yang who was the mastermind behind our shiny map, poster and design for this month’s issue.

Alright, back to business, this is the November version of the issue but I'm writing it on the 4th October because I love you all, and I know you will be absolutely gagging for another issue come November. November is a big month, especially for the lads, and a few unlucky girls, because it's Movember! I would take part in this tradition but after a month I'd have about 3 hairs above my top lip, hardly a moustache! We have an absolutely colossal amount of content this month, and you’ll be sad to hear it’s not all written by me! We have Graduate and PhD interviews, Projects from Railways in Wales to Housing in South America, recaps on football, the pub-crawl and so much more. Honestly, there’s over twice as much content in here as last issue, so hopefully there’s something in here for you, if there’s not then why not write for us and stop moaning!


Peter (That was a command)