Rachel Ribeiro, our CivSoc Chair
Rachel Ribeiro, our CivSoc Chair

Hi everybody! Welcome back to a new year, and Freshers, welcome to the wonderful world of Civil Engineering. I’m Rachel, a third year Undergraduate, and I will be your CivSoc Chair for the coming academic year. For those of you who don’t know me already, I’m sure you will soon enough as I (along with the entire committee) bombard you with invitations to a variety of incredible events that will blow your socks off. (Editor: Bring a spare pair, missing socks on these events are a major issue.)

Our job this year is to handle the social side of your lives, and despite the often-crippling workloads, trust me there is always time to attend a CivSoc event. I know you will all be eager to focus on your studies but maintaining a work life balance is key to your success (and sanity)! We host everything from bar nights, pub crawls, movie nights and football tournaments to site visits and professional lectures, all giving you the opportunity to broaden your horizons and socialise with people across the years. We also have an International Tour, which I feel needs no introduction as you will no doubt have heard all the war stories when the time comes to sign up next term.

Now a little about me, I like drinking and climbing mountains (obviously not simultaneously, as that would be silly) and I love Skempton (Editor: He is quite the babe), so if ever you see me hanging around the department, which will be a lot, don’t be afraid to come over and give me suggestions for events, ideas for LIVIC or just for a chat/ some advice.

So my advice to you for the year is work hard, play hard and sleep whenever and wherever the opportunity arises! Over your time here you will cry with laughter, laugh hysterically from despair and make some amazing memories so enjoy every second because I can tell you now, these will be the best 4 years of your life.

CivSoc Love xoxo