Livic Editor - Hamish Mackenzie
Livic Editor - Hamish Mackenzie

Hello again, I hope you are all suffering as much as I am under the burdens of coursework, work or whatever particular stresses you have brought upon yourselves. This is because I am unpleasant and have not yet resolved my inner problems and am lashing out against theworld to seek some sort of revenge. It is also because I’m not sure what else goes on in the life of the students and staff in the Civil Engineering Department at Imperial College, so I have no idea what else to write about.

This month’s issue looks at some of the fantastic work that is being done by people across the department, from a spread of work that I think is incredibly important and interesting, and what really inspired me to take up the role as Editor. There is cutting edge research into the issues around ground thaw and climate change, along with the really important issues that E.quinox is dealing with in Rwanda.

I hope that LIVIC can strike a balance between being a fun, relaxed departmental rag and a publication that will engage and inspire readers, and bring the students and staff together, because it is this that will really our experience of Imperial.

As always, LIVIC is always wanting writers and helpers, if you are a member of staff or a student, your contributions will always be valuable, so please contact me!

Best wishes,

Hamish Mackenzie Editor