Livic Editor - Hamish Mackenzie
Livic Editor - Hamish Mackenzie

Now some of the freshers among you may be relieved to read that I am as fresh to Editing a magazine as you are to Civil Engineering, and that I am as nervous about this first edition under my command as you are about the first major step in your careers, some of you may  read  this  with  some  regret   and wonder why we even have a magazine at all. After all, engineers and scientists are hardly known for their verbal dexterity. However, the reason that I took up this job is not purely to add another line to my CV between MEng in Civil Engineering and Washing My Parents Car on Sundays, it is because I think it can contribute to the Civil Engineering   Department by bringing the plethora of different aspects of its existence together between two glossy covers. There are so many fascinating things going on just one or two floors away, and yet, with no one to inform us about it, we are blind. I hope that this publication will provide a platform on which we can come together to advertise ourselves to each other, and to the world outside, and where the world can advertise to us.

When I started working on this October issue, I was really most concerned about focussing on our new intake of first years, and getting them the information and guidance that they need, but I have since realised that almost every piece of advice that I can find applies across the board, and we can all still find ways to improve our learning and lifestyles. There are our regular events which we are throwing new twists into, new events which have never been run before, and perhaps most awakening of all, our Mums and Dads programme. I think that these are so crucial for the positive experience that everyone should have during their time at Imperial, for undergrads, postgrads and staff alike, because it is that innate sense of family and community that will allow us to find fulfilment in our work.

It is my mission turn LIVIC into a collage of different features of our subject, where everyone can find their interests, and broaden their minds. So I am asking YOU what you can contribute. LIVIC will always need exciting new stories, and everyone has them somewhere, so if you are fresh out of 6th form or are an emeritus professor, please share your knowledge with us.

Happy Reading,

Hamish Mackenzie