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Upcoming events

Posted on by Remi B Pelletier

23rd October

Career's Fair


29th October

NCE question time panel discussion. Followed by a drinks reception.


1st November

Lunchtime Talk - Digital Design and The Future of Engineers by Ramboll

SKEM 201

13th November

Night of Engineering Philosophy

SKEM 224/240

22nd November

Lunchtime Talk - Metis Consultants

SKEM 201

22nd November

Bar Night

Union Bar

27th November

Pub Quiz (Xmas themed)

SKEM 224/240

13th December


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Meet your 2018-2019 Committee!

Posted on by Remi B Pelletier

Hippolyte - Chair

Hello all,
First of all a massive welcome to the Freshers joining us this year!
My name is Hippolyte (pronounced ee poh leet ) and this year I will be your CivSoc Chair. Along with my wonderful committee we are here to make sure you have an excellent time at Imperial within the Civ-Eng Department. We host events every week including pub crawls, quiz nights, industry talks, bar nights and much much more.
Keep an eye out for our emails which will give you all of the information you’ll need. Make sure you come to the pub crawl to meet all of the older years, who will teach...

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Meet your 2017-2018 Committee!

Posted on by Remi B Pelletier

Susie McAllister - Chair

Hello everyone!!
To all you CivEngie freshers out there, welcome!!! I am your CivSoc Chair this year and first and foremost I am here to make sure that your experience within our department is as fun and enjoyable as possible. With events on almost every week from pub crawls, quiz nights to industry talks and careers fairs; this is definitely the society to be in!
Don’t forget to sign up for the very highly anticipated CivSoc tour which is always incredible amounts of fun and to pick up copies of our very own newsletter LIVIC! There is always lots happening within...

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Posted on by Remi B Pelletier

Welcome to LIVIC, the magazine of the Civil Engineering department of Imperial College London!

It is a student publication released throughout the academic year with information regarding the activities of  Civsoc, recent developments in research in the department and also fun, games and memes!

We'd love for you to contribute by writing an article, so please send your idea to the Editor, Jian Li Chew at!

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Meet your 2015-2016 committee!

Posted on by Lisa Hey

(Make sure you check out the rest of LIVIC's Freshers Edition here!) 


Fiona Walport - Chair

Welcome all,


I hope that you have all had fantastic summers scattered around the world and are all feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready for the year ahead (or as ready as one can ever be...!).

To our newcomers, I hope that the first few weeks at Imperial go smoothly and that you all settle in soon, and to our slightly more aged readers, congrats on making it back (always a relief) and I hope you're excited and raring to go.

This year CivSoc has even more exciting events with something...

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Meet your committee

Posted on by David Maguire

Paul Zhu ・ Vice-Chair


As vice-chair, my role is very open, so I get involved with everything that needs attention and everything that I feel I can contribute meaningfully to. It also means that I am free to explore new things for CivSoc, such as the Design Competitions that we will be running through the year. 

As for who I am… I’m half-English half-Chinese, I’m outgoing, I like to dabble in the creative such as drawing and writing, but my biggest passions are martial arts and dance. 

Chloe Detanger ・ Secretary

Hi all Civengers and Civengettes,

I’m your new CivSoc secretary...

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Welcome from CivSoc Chair

Posted on by David Maguire

Hello Freshers!

Dominik Sznajder
Dominik Sznajder

Congratulations! You’ve made it through the feral wilderness of A-levels, and into the seemingly infinite fields of Imperial College Civil Engineering! My name is Dom and I’m Chair of CivSoc for this academic year.

As a fresher entering Imperial College, it’s important for you to know that although you’ll have a fair bit of work to do, life at university isn’t just about academic success. To get the most out of your brief 4 years (and trust me, they will fly by) the key is to work hard, play hard, and broaden your mind. This is where CivSoc comes in.


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Welcome from the Head of Department

Posted on by David Maguire

Dear All,

Prof. Nick Buenfeld
Prof. Nick Buenfeld

A warm welcome to our new students and welcome back to our second, third and fourth years.   I trust you have had a great summer and I hope that you are now ready for another period of education.  As most of you will know, London is one of the world’s most architecturally rich, culturally diverse, vibrant and hospitable cities – a wonderful place to be a student.

You will be working alongside some of the brightest and most motivated students from around he world, taught by an exceptional group of internationally leading experts.  Please take full advantage...

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Letter from the Editor

Posted on by David Maguire

Dear Reader,

David Maguire
David Maguire

First of all, thanks for leafing through the virtual pages of the LIVIC website. It’s my first edition as Editor, so I’ve been feeling the pressure a bit. To ease the tension, I’ve included a picture of me holding a koala, which was probably the smiliest I’ve ever been or will ever be. Please take a moment to enjoy the warmth and happiness that even a picture of these cuddly creatures instills in anyone capable of emotion.

If you’re new to Imperial; welcome! Here begins the time of your life (mainly because after this you’ll spend the rest of it chained to a...

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Watch Dogs Review

Posted on by Peter Nugent

Women Love Men In A Mask
Women Love Men In A Mask

Mass surveillance is a hot topic at the moment, after Snowden’s leaks what was previously thought of as conspiracies actually turned out to be true. Next thing you know anal probing and alien abductions will be proven as well! Crazy stuff, all that sexting, private information and flirty calls you have are all passing through the NSA; it’s all highly controversial and quite alarming, but that’s a whole topic for another book or two! Now, what if someone was able to access that information? Enter Aiden Pearce. Set in Chicago where everything is controlled and...

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