Industry Talk #2

  • 22 November 2018
  • 12:00pm — 1:00pm
  • SKEM 201
Managing London’s flood risk:
A case study of an urban flood risk management project
by Metis
Metis is a young and growing civil and environmental engineering company, specialising in Flood Risk Management, Highway Management and Civil Engineering Design. We work with over 20 London Boroughs and a loyal client base throughout the UK. The refreshing Metis approach has attracted some of today’s brightest engineering talent, bringing their skill and enthusiasm to the growing team.
During this presentation, Metis will take you through a real case study of a flood alleviation scheme investigation. This interactive presentation will give you insight into how to approach flood management in an urban catchment and the opportunities and constraints you will encounter.

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As we develop innovative new ways to meet the world’s growing demand for energy, we’re searching for remarkable people to join us.


The VINCI name symbolises the best in innovation, creativity and technological mastery, befitting for a Group that harnesses a culture of innovation to deliver technical expertise in tackling the most complex of projects.


Honesty, clarity, expertise; these three words form the foundations of Metis. What started as two chartered engineers on a mission to challenge the status quo, is now a leading consultancy renowned for outstanding customer relationships.


You need look no further than our logo to find an apt metaphor for AKT II’s style of work. A freely moving reactive mass of entities, the swarm represents the core nature of our engineering philosophy. It embodies everything that we stand for as a cutting

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