Career Paths for Engineers

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Your career path is a journey where you will try to match what you want with who you are. So, congratulations on making the first step and coming to one of the best Civil and Environmental Engineering departments in the world!

Now let’s find out where it might take us next...


What do Civil Engineers do?

Civil Engineering is all about applying scientific principals and critical thinking to shape the world. Over your career you will build all kind of infrastructure such as underground tunnels, airports and commercial buildings. We keep people switched on and powered up by supplying electricity and gas; we secure clean water supply and take action against pollution… Some of us may become consultants, some technicians or some contractors. Even though we may have different roles, we have the same aim of helping the world become a better place. To find out more about civil engineers’ stories, click here!


How can I become a Civil Engineer?

So you have decided to become a civil engineer but are not sure how to get there? No matter what kind of civil engineer you want to be and which field you want to specialise in, we strongly encourage you to register with the ICE (Institution of Civil Engineers). Based in London, they offer all the information you need and guess what, student membership is free! Have a look here.


Just some wise words…

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Engineering firms do not usually have set deadlines for applications like the banking industry, as short-of-hand seasons vary due to undergoing projects. However, it is always good to have your CV ready and attend career events to develop your own professional network. So why not start now by checking out what career events CivSoc has organised for you? (click on the previous 'magical words' in blue!)

Stay tuned and good luck peeps! 

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Honesty, clarity, expertise; these three words form the foundations of Metis. What started as two chartered engineers on a mission to challenge the status quo, is now a leading consultancy renowned for outstanding customer relationships.


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Foster and Partners are an award-winning British architectural design and engineering firm who put forward an innovative, modern and sustainable approach.


We’re a leading UK structural and civil engineering consultancy with a positive collaborative approach. Using advanced technology and shared experience we plan and design clear buildable projects.




Together, our people make up one of the world's leading engineering professional services consulting firms. We’re dedicated to the communities where we live and work in the UK and propelled by international brainpower.




With over 95,000 members worldwide, ICE supports civil engineers and technicians throughout their careers. We award professional qualifications that are the industry standard, lead the debates around infrastructure and the built environment and provide a

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