Legend has it that LIVIC was first conceived by Hebrew monks in 1764, printed on the skin of living English tigers, but popularity waned following the decline in numbers of the once-common large cat. Since then, it has drifted in and out of the public eye, rising whenever necessary to bring critical news in desperate times, and slinking back into the shadows like the proverbial tortoise. Until, that is, 2004, when the publication was thrust into the limelight, and given strength and actual paper to be printed on, by the erstwhile Oliver Broadbent.

The magazine has, since gone from strength to strength, officially becoming the UK’s Most Read Imperial College Civil Engineering Society Student-Run Free Magazine, and winner of the 2011 Most Issues Printed On The Free Photocopiers in SAC Award. Upon 2013, LIVIC reached the heights that it once knew in years past. With “The Best Edition Ever”, LIVIC thrust itself in to the spotlight, blowing off socks left, right and centre.

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