Managing London's Flood Risk

Posted on by Remi B Pelletier

Big thanks to Metis for presenting their company and their work on managing London's flood risk! About 50 keen students attended and enjoyed this incredibly interactive talk!

We hope to see you again!

CivSoc Olympics: Futsal

Posted on by Remi B Pelletier

There was a great turnout to the first event of the very first CivSoc Olympics! From freshers to PhDs and staff members, no one let the rain stop them from having a good time playing futsal! Keep posted for the next CivSoc Olympics sporting event!

Photos are available here!


Posted on by Remi B Pelletier

Thank you all for attending the Night of Engineering of Philosophy! We hope you had a great time! The next one will be next term with some star guests: our very own alumni! So keep posted!

Photos of the evening are available here!

Upcoming Events

Posted on by Remi B Pelletier

23rd Oct  


Career's Fair

29th Oct  

SKEM 164

NCE question time panel discussion. Followed by a drinks reception.

1st Nov  

SKEM 201

Lunchtime Talk - Digital Design and The Future of Engineers by Ramboll

13th Nov  

SKEM 224&240

Night of Engineering Philosophy

22nd Nov  

SKEM 201

Lunchtime Talk - Metis Consultants

22nd Nov  

Union Bar

Bar Night

27th Nov  

SKEM 224&240

Pub Quiz (Xmas themed)

13th Dec  


Minced Pies

13th Dec  

The Britannia 

Christmas Dinner


And more will be added to the list! 

Digital Design and the Future of Structural Engineers

Posted on by Remi B Pelletier

Emily Scoones and Paul Astle from Ramboll gave us the pleasure of presenting our first industry talk of the year! 

They gave us a history of the uses of technology in the past and its potential uses in the near future and through some very comprehensive examples of projects Ramboll works on, students attending got a better sense on how technology is used in the civil engineering industry, wether it be for structural design or to work collaboratively with architects. Some key questions they answered were: why, how and when are tools designed to help engineers at Ramboll? What will AI do for us? What would be the next steps?

Thank you very much Emily, Paul and Ramboll!

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