Christmas Dinner

Posted on by Remi B Pelletier

CivSoc organised the traditional Christmas Dinner at MK Bar and Grill in Gloucester Road, in the same restaurant as for the last couple of years, and students and staff enjoyed it just as much! The 63 attendees savored a 3 dish meal with wine for a reduced price thanks to our sponsor Shell. CivSoc’s Chair also gave a warm speech to thank all those attending, the members of the Committee and to wish a great Christmas to all!

Photos of the event are available here.


Dr Ana Mijic's Staff Seminar Series

Posted on by Remi B Pelletier

"What I talk about when I talk about Water"

On the 7th December, CivSoc was treated to the second Staff Seminar Series lecture of the term. Dr. Mijic gave as an insightful glimpse into the future of the water industry in London and some of the challenges faced by future environmental engineers. She talked passionately about the Thames Tideway Tunnel project and the effects it'll have on London and how rising urban populations will create many new and interesting challenges. We were also fortunate enough to hear more about her personal route to being an academic and it was lovely to hear from someone who manages to balance their work and family so amazingly. CivSoc would like to thank Ana for taking the time to talk to us and we hope she'll come again soon. 

Pub Quiz

Posted on by Remi B Pelletier

On the 28th November, students from all years and staff enjoyed CivSoc’s Christmas Pub Quiz! Free drinks and pizzas were provided and questions ranged from music to civil engineering companies and geography. As tables had been set out to mix backgrounds, everyone could participate and help their team win! Overall, it was a great opportunity to take a break from studies while meeting others from the department! CivSoc would like to thank all those who attended and especially Dr Templeton for being our enthusiastic Quiz Master!

Photos of the event are available here.

Dr Adam Sadowski's Staff Seminar Series

Posted on by Remi B Pelletier

"Modelling of Failures Under Eccentric Discharge in Thin Metal Silos"
The first Staff Seminar Series lecture of this academic year was fantastically done by Dr. Adam Sadowski on his research on the phenomenon of unsymmetrical flow patterns. The students eagerly listened as Adam broke down the complex engineering behind these patterns and how the condition can be very serious structurally. He also emphasised that the problem is additionally compounded by the complexity in the loading and the difficulty in performing proper measurements. The talk gave a glimpse into the third year module which Adam teaches and many students showed their interest in taking this module afterwards.
CivSoc would like to thank Adam for taking the time to talk about his research and we hope he comes again in the future. 

Night of Engineering Philosophy

Posted on by Remi B Pelletier

On the evening of the 14th November, 35 students and 5 lecturers sat down to enjoy a glass of wine and a wonderful selection of cheese as they discussed all matters involving engineers. The evening began with an insightful speech by Abdul, the President of the IC Philosophy society, on the relationship between engineers and philosophers, which gave everyone a lot to think about. The conversations throughout the night ranged from the different education systems around the world to what type of vegetable you'd like to be; keeping everyone alert and intrigued throughout the event. Overall, it was a very enjoyable evening.

Watch out for the NEP event next term with Alumni!  

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