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Usually Wednesday afternoons, between 13:00 and 17:00.


Our workshops are based at Imperial College London.

If you want us to come out to you, please contact us and we'll do our best to arrange it.'

Doing what?

Building robots! Using LEGO Mindstorms kits.

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Castor Bot

CastorBot - Program a robot to move and detect obstacles in its path, stopping as close as possible to the obstacle without touching it.

Sumo Bot

SumoBot - Construct a formidable battle-robot and program it to knock the opponent robot out of the ring while trying to stay within the ring.

Doggo Bot

DoggoBot - Design a companion robot to follow and greet people close by.

Line Follower Bot

Line Follower - Program a robot to move around a circle, sticking as close to the black line as possible using a 3-state solution. As extension, for advanced learners or older students, there exists the Advanced Line Follower. There, the students apply knowledge of algebra to program a robot to move around a circle using a proportional solution, based on the 3-state solution.

Who We Are


Ryan Ho



As the president of Robotics Academy London this year, I hope to increase our outreach to schools and communities in London. Due to the growth of our society last year, I look forward to holding more double workshop sessions, introducing new project ideas that will diversify our workshops, and most importantly, inspiring more girls to pursue their interests in STEM subjects. As a mechanical engineering undergraduate, I want to see more girls go up against the gender stereotype and to build up their confidence to follow their aspirations in studying STEM disciplines. I will be supporting everyone on our team to ensure that we and our team of volunteers deliver workshops that are fun, stimulating and inspiring.



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For Volunteers

Prospective Volunteers

We realise that our student volunteers play a key role in promoting STEM subjects to school girls. We believe that student volunteers are the right person to talk to, since you were in the students’ shoes a few years back when you were deciding on your future education.

Whilst you are provided with the necessary training to teach LEGO robotics, we also aim to provide you with a rewarding experience of being able to cause a positive impact on the student’s lives. Volunteers in the past said the experience boosted their confidence and they developed new skills through conducting robotic workshops. But don’t take our word for it! Come and join us at one of our taster sessions. Just sign up below.

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