Couch to 5k

Want to become a “runner” but worried you haven’t got the fitness?


Well we all have to start somewhere, and because ICXCAC want to help more people join in with the fun of running, this 2018 we are starting our brand new Couch to 5k programme! Most importantly, this programme is open to everyone, with absolutely no sport experience required. Sign up here!

Sessions will be happening twice a week: Thursdays 6pm at Ethos, and Sundays 10am near the Thames (where we will afterwards head to a committee member’s house to enjoy a cooked breakfast).

Each session will involve a gentle, fun warm up followed by sets of running and walking. It doesn’t matter how fast you go – it is designed by time, not speed. Each week we gradually increase the running time and decrease the walking time to eventually build up to that 5k goal. Together, we’ll have lots of fun as a group, and we’ll all be encouraging each other to keep going.

To celebrate, at the end of the program in December, we will all be running a 5k race together. The aim is that after that, you will then have the fitness and confidence to join in on the rest of ICXCACs trainings and races!

The official Couch to 5K is a 9 week course, which means this programme will only be running during this 2019 Autumn term. So don’t miss out on signing up now (using the form below)!

Remember to take part in this program run by ICXCAC (and to take advantage of all our trainings and Sunday breakfast), then you’ll need to buy our annual membership. Of course, by buying ICXCAC membership to do this program, you can join in straight away with any of ICXCAC’s training sessions – Monday circuits and Friday core are particularly good for building all those muscles important for running!

Sign up here!