Welcome to Imperial College!

We’re Imperial College Cross Country and Athletics (or ICXCAC for short); the premier running and athletics club at Imperial College London. Being at University is a fantastic time to be part of a club, and ICXCAC is the place to start.

With just under 200 members in 2018/19, ICXCAX is by far the most popular club at Imperial. From beginners to elite and international athletes, and catering for all types of running, it is proudly one of the major sports club within the College and recipient of Sport Imperial’s “Club of the Year 2015” award. We participate in road running, track and field, cross country and also trail and fell running. Join the Facebook group to be up to date with all our training and socials.


Whether you’re an absolute beginner (definitely try the couch-to-5k program) or a seasoned professional we’ll be your family for every step of your degree.

Read all about our races and tours on the sports page of the Imperial College newspaper Felix here!

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